I am a screenwriter, published Young Adult / Children’s author, Poet, Blogger, Filmmaker, Photographer and former News Columnist for local press newspapers.

In 2018 myself and 27 other screenwriters from across the globe, were selected from thousands of hopeful screenwriters to attend ‘Talent Campus’ in November 2018 – February 2019 at Regents University, London and the famous Ealing Studios.

 What is ‘Talent Campus’? 

 ‘Talent Campus’ is hosted by ‘London Screenwriters Festival’ and supported by Screen-Skills the initiative is now in its fifth cycle.

The aim of ‘Talent Campus’ is to advance professional development and prepare screenwriters for entrance into the industry.

During the last year, I have written the treatments and scripts for a Teen Drama Series titles ‘ The Lost Girls’ and the following Feature and short films: ‘The Adventures of Justin and the Grinillo,’ ‘The Watchers of Bridge Hollow’ and ‘The Curtain Twitchers of Oakley Place,’ Into the Night’, ‘Let the Music Play On’ and ‘Violent Indigo’ – recently requested, February 2020.

Here are some of my book titles: 

‘Stray Branch Autumn /Fall 2016’ – Poetry Anthology – Published by Stray Branch Publications. 2016.

‘Cover to Cover’ – Poetry Anthology Published by Forward Poetry – 2014.

‘A Day in Time’ – Poetry Anthology published by Forward Poetry – 2013.

‘The One Week Poetry Challenge’ – Poetry Anthology Published by Forward Poetry – 2014. 

‘Applause Now Please’ – E-book published by Cut-a-long Story – 2015.

‘A Universe of Love’  – Published by Blurb Publications – 2017.

‘The Curtain Twitchers of Oakley Place’ – Young Adult Novel Published by Lightning Source and The Beautiful Music of Words Limited – 2017.

‘The Watchers of Bridge Hollow’ is due to be released in late 2021.

I appear on the radio in the USA every two months publicising my work and raising awareness for homelessness. My YA novel titled ‘The Curtain Twitchers of Oakley Place’ tells the story of Homeless teen Barney Lumsden who discovers that he’s part of a government conspiracy going back centuries. The sales and royalties from this book title are donated to help homeless people in the UK, USA and globally. I also regularly support the homeless and the following homeless charities  – Crisis and Shelter, UK.

I have 20+ years of experience in Production and Post-Production.

Previous Production and Post-Production roles are as follows:

Facilities Co-ordinator – Nickelodeon UK.

Location Production Assistant: ‘Jimmy Jammers’ and ‘Bedtime Stories’ – Nickelodeon UK. 2004 and 2006-2008.

Guest Researcher at HIT Entertainment for ‘Art Attack’ – Series 17  – 2004 – 2005.

Head of Machines/ Head of Credit Control/ Head of Runners for three Post-Production houses in Soho (Arena Digital Group). 2002 – 2004.

I have also worked on the following short films:

‘Meat’ – Horror Short Film – Producer/Director – April 2019

‘I Q ‘ – Short Film – Assistant Producer – Pete Mann Films – 2004

‘The Goodbye Plane’ – Production Assistant – Kewhaven Pictures – Oscar Nominated Short – 2004.

‘Where Ghostly Children Walk’ – Assistant Producer – Starlight Pictures – 2005.

Pop Promo’s – MTV – Magician Pictures – Production Assistant  & Production Manager – 2003.

Additional skills and experience:

Eurosport – Motor Racing – Camera Operator – 1995

Technical Selector at BFI/NFT – 2000 – 2002

Medical Photographer – MTO – (Medical Technical Officer) – Grade 3/4 – Various Hospitals/ MOD and Private Health Services – Part of the Investigation teams for the ‘Kegworth Air Disaster’ and the ‘Clapham Rail Disaster’ 1988 – 1997.

Please let me know how I can support you.

Deborah Hodgetts